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160-page, bound and fascicle stitched, undated botanical and vegetable garden planning agenda for Turkish speakers.


Designed for both beginners and experienced gardeners, this notebook includes 58 plant profiling pages, balcony and garden design, annual and monthly planning pages, seed and seedling inventory; useful information on Turkey's plant hardiness zones and pest repelling, soil care and plant diseases, composting and more.


  • Annual Garden Planner and Monthly Organizer: This organizer allows you to plan your annual garden and keep track of your plant care each month. It guides you to determine seasonal activities and sowing-harvest times.
  • Plant Profile Pages: There are dedicated pages to follow the growing conditions, care needs and grades of each plant.
  • Garden Design Pages: There are plenty of blank pages where you can add your own notes, and pages where you can design the planning or landscaping of your balcony and garden.
  • Seed and Seedling Inventory: Allows you to keep track of the seeds you have and the seedlings you will prepare for the season. It makes it easier for you to make seasonal planning of your garden by keeping track of which seeds will be planted and when.
  • Plant Hardiness Zones of Turkey: The cold and heat resistant zones of plants are specified with the common coding. Thanks to this list, you will be able to understand whether your plant is suitable for your region.
  • Other Reference Information: Contains some basic information needed for success in gardening. It guides you through everything from pest control to the importance of soil care and how to make compost.

Garden Journal (Turkish)

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