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Our services

Every place you live is a potential greenhouse for us.

  • Your balcony that you never use because it gets a lot of sun in your apartment or it is too close to other houses.

  • Your dark back room with no sunlight

  • Your kitchen counter

  • Your outdoor or indoor terrace

  • Your garden, patio

  • Your office

... can be turned into a living space suitable for the needs of your favorite vegetables and aromatic plants, and you can obtain your own food regularly and easily throughout the year.

What is our difference?

By examining your address, we determine your needs and design a special project for you.

We offer ideal plant combinations with carefully selected seed and seedling varieties from renowned breeders.

We offer flexible and transparent purchasing that suits your budget and taste.

90% water savings thanks to hydroponic systems

We provide instructions on post-installation use and maintenance.

We provide access to our visual library of seeds and plants.

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Contact us for your free consultation and project proposal requests.

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