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Our story

About Us

Good farming starts in our homes

We strive for natural and simple way of living, just like many of you out there in this city.

We experiment with various materials and farming project designs to offer manageable and
sustainable solutions for all environments: Apartments, kitchens, balconies, backyards, rooftops.

We love traditional farming AND hydroponics. We understand and implement affordable free
source farming systems for the urban generation and farming enthusiasts.


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What is Millawanda?


In Hittite, it is the name of the city of  Miletus. We care for the rich agricultural history, ecological and local lifestyles of the Aegean and Central Anatolia on social and industrial levels; We want to make agricultural technologies an element that everyone adapts and applies to their daily lives. Self-sufficiency is becoming more and more important, and our people must start learning how to farm their own en masse. This is how we started ourselves, and by learning and improving ourselves every day, we want to show that agriculture is possible in an apartment, and that we as a society now have to create and normalize the natural environment we dream of, starting from our own home. Our name and logo come from the Hittite culture and inspire us, we want to inject advanced technology into our own agriculture and all balconies.


What are we doing?


In our shop, we offer products that encourage and facilitate agriculture and gardening and aim to prevent waste for all age groups. All of our products are supplied and handmade in Turkey.


We aim to raise awareness and enlighten our members by producing technical yet understandable content on our blog. Traditional farming best practices, soilless farming facts and best practices, organic and waste-free living suggestions; seeds, soil, fertilizers and nutritional values, urban agriculture and soilless agriculture examples from around the world. 


With our projects, we make it possible to grow small and medium-sized plants and vegetables in different environments; apartment balcony, terrace, garden, office, kitchen etc. We design and implement hydroponic systems, traditional garden beds, balcony greenhouses, vertical gardening projects.

We offer specially grown aromatic microgreens to the food-beverage / catering / fine dining sectors.

Our Certificates

Plant Pathology

Hydroponic & Aquaponic Plants

Hydroponic Nutrients and Fertilizers

Pest Management

Microgreens Production & Trade

Greenhouse for Small Scale Farmers

Energy Saving Cooling & Heating in Greenhouses

Humidity Management

Seeds and Seedlings

Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Cultivation

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