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Leeks In a Nutshell

Leek can be consumed raw or cooked, and grown in all seasons. It is a vegetable from the onion and garlic family and must be consumed because of its fibrous structure and rich nutritional value. As a complete source of healing, leek is very rich in iron and magnesium. For those wondering what the leek season is, you can see this vegetable fresh in the markets from October to February.

Leeks In a Nutshell

Although leek is grown in almost every country, its homeland is the Central and Eastern Mediterranean region. Leek is a perennial herb with an ancient history dating back to ancient Egypt. With this aspect, it is very preferred for planting.

Leek is a vegetable that is generally not preferred much. Although the taste and smell it emits while cooking does not appeal to most people, you will give the leek the value it deserves when you learn about its benefits.

Leek Season and Growing Conditions

Leek loves cool climates, and has a structure that can be grown in any season of the year. Temperatures of 15-25 degrees Celsius are ideal for the cultivation and development of leeks. It stops plant development at temperatures above 25 °C. Although it does not give very productive results, it is a plant that you can grow at a temperature of 2-3 °C. But at 0 °C and below you will have problems with development.

Leeks grown in autumn can be harvested until the end of winter. As for the soil, choosing a moist, humus-rich soil with high nutritional value will be better for the development of the vegetable. When you plant your seeds in such soil, germination takes place in a short time like 12 or 15 days. You can ensure that the development of the vegetable is rapid by choosing a soil with a water-holding feature.

The use of seedlings is very practical for those who want to grow leeks at home. Before planting the seedling in the pot, you should rest the soil with fertilizer for a week. When you plant by opening 15 cm between the seedlings, you will get faster results in terms of development. By watering the seedlings every 3 days, you can make the first product purchase within 55 days. A seedling can be harvested 5 or 6 times.

Leek Recipes

When to Buy the Cheapest Leeks

Leek is a vegetable you can see on the market stalls from October to February. But you can get it in the freshest and cheapest way in October and November. You can keep the leek you buy in these months in the freezer and consume it in different seasons.

Benefits of Leeks

Leek is a vegetable that you can consume in many ways and is known for its many benefits. It is especially rich in vitamins. With plenty of leek consumption, you can supplement your body with vitamins. The benefits of leeks are as follows;

  • It is a source of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B6, vitamins A, C, K and folate.

  • It has the ability to reduce chronic inflammation.

  • It has antiseptic properties. It removes infections from the body.

  • It is a very low-calorie, fibrous food. It is indispensable for diet lists.

  • If you care about your skin health, you should consume leeks. While it makes your skin look bright, it also helps to clean it.

  • It gives elasticity to the skin tissue. It reduces wrinkles.

  • It is perfect for hypertension. By regulating blood pressure, it reduces the risk of hypertension to a minimum.

How to Consume Leeks

Leek, unfortunately, is not a vegetable that is loved and eaten. Children can be quite prejudiced about leeks. The main reason for this is that it has a strong smell. Leek gives off a heavy odor while cooking due to its content. But you can make your children love leeks by trying different leek recipes.

  • You can make the taste better by using lemon while consuming leeks. You can consume it not only as a meal, but also by making a leek pastry. Leek, which has a sweet taste, is very delicious when cooked as a pastry.

  • You don't have to eat leeks to take advantage of the benefits. You can prepare a cure from leek juice and use it for your skin.

  • You can combine this vegetable, which is also suitable for consumption raw, with other vegetables you like, and you can choose a salad. You can flavor your salad according to your taste by adding different sauces.

  • For those who want to grow leeks using the micro-sprout method, did you know that when you use this method, you get 40 times more nutritional value than a mature vegetable? For this, you can get a harvest in a short time by planting leek shoots in a warm corner of your home. When applying this process, you should pay attention to the selection of organic seeds and soil fertilizer.

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