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Broccoli In a Nutshell

Broccoli is a fiber-rich winter vegetable and belongs to the Brassicaceae family. The benefits of broccoli include minimizing the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Like all green vegetables, broccoli contains plenty of vitamin C and iron. It is also included in diet lists as it does not contain many calories. There are broccoli recipes to accompany the meal to suit the taste of many people. You can apply many healthy recipes in your kitchen, from soups to salads and even meatballs.

The homeland of broccoli is known as the Mediterranean. Knowing that this name belongs to a region of Italy, many researchers accepted the homeland of the vegetable as Italy. Varieties of broccoli are called "calabrese". There is such a region in Italy, and the name broccoli comes from this region. In our country, Antalya, Mersin, Manisa and İzmir are cities that play an important role in broccoli cultivation.

Broccoli In a Nutshell

Broccoli Season and Growing Conditions

The best time to plant broccoli seedlings is autumn. The most suitable temperature range for this vegetable, which cannot deal with dry and hot weather conditions, is 10-20 degrees Celsius. Organic matter content in the soil is also important for broccoli, which prefers soils with high water holding capacity such as clay-loam soil. It is important that no cruciferous vegetables have been grown in the field to be planted for at least 3 years. It should be fertilized by deep plowing during planting. Broccoli becomes suitable for harvest 90 days after planting. Another issue to be considered in growing broccoli is the distance between seedlings. This distance should be 45 cm.

Growing broccoli at home takes some patience. Taking broccoli seedlings and planting them in the ground will make this process a little easier. It should also be noted that it is a plant suitable for cool weather. It is not possible to grow in 30 degrees and above weather. The width and size of the pot are important for the development of the vegetable. You can also give the sprouts or microgreens a chance to grow broccoli at home. By using this method, you will have grown a product with the same nutritional values ​​in much less time.

Broccoli Microgreens
Broccoli Microgreens

When to Buy the Cheapest Broccoli

Harvest time for broccoli season is winter. For this reason, we can say that the cheapest period is the end of October and the beginning of February. In this season, you can find plenty of broccoli at affordable prices in the market, market and stalls.

Benefits of Broccoli

There are many beneficial substances in broccoli. One of them is sulforan, which is anti-cancer.

  • Sulforan helps the body a lot to clean the blood.

  • It is good to consume broccoli juice for digestive problems.

  • It is a vegetable known to be good for chronic diseases such as heart diseases.

  • At the same time, broccoli contains antioxidants, which is good for skin health and reduces stress.

  • You can find the vitamin A you need daily in a bowl of broccoli.

  • If you suffer from muscle pain after sports, it means that you need potassium in broccoli. When you regularly consume a glass of broccoli juice, you will notice that your muscle pains are reduced.

How to Consume Broccoli

The most important thing about broccoli consumption is that it should not be exposed to excessive heat. The least calorie and most beneficial method of cooking is steaming. It adds a distinct flavor to salads when raw. You can feed children who have started complementary foods in the form of soup or by crushing boiled broccoli. The important thing in cooking by boiling in water is to take the broccoli from the fire without killing it too much. The more you can preserve its natural green color during cooking, the more benefits you will see. Cooling and drinking the remaining water after boiling will also be good for your intestines.

Broccoli sprouts and microgreens should be consumed raw. It would also go well in sandwiches. If you find it difficult to give broccoli to your children, you can try broccoli in microgreens. Your kids won't notice what's inside the sandwiches. Broccoli microgreens are just as nutritious as mature broccoli.

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