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6 Herbal Tea Plants You Can Easily Grow at Home

The herbal tea plant is a perennial herb that grows in most climates and is easy to grow.

The plants are also called “herbs” because they often have medicinal properties, which makes them popular among gardeners.

Herbal gardens are a wonderful tool for making herbal tea, infusions, and recipes at home. You can buy the bulk herbs you need in smaller quantities, but they'll be pricey while garden plants and seeds will keep producing herbs to last you a lifetime at a much lower cost.

Medicinal gardens can be created in several ways, but often focuses on the same types of plants and their effects. Some herbs have a tendency to grow into weedy and invasive plants, so you may want to consider that when planting areas.

Herbalism is only considered to be a type of medicine today, but the compounds from plants were considered the basis for modern medicine decades ago. People often believe that consuming plant medicines in their whole form is safer, as they reduce the chance of drug side effects and toxicity.

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How to Grow Herbal Tea at Home in Your Garden

How to Grow Mint & Lemon Balm – The Easiest Herbs for Beginners

How to Grow Yarrow & Borage – Two Perennial Flowering Plants

How to Grow Herbal Tea at Home in Your Garden

The best thing about growing your own herbal tea is that you can experiment with different blends and flavors. You don't need a big garden to grow herbs for your tea either.

There are many herbs that are great for tea, but here are some of the most popular:

Lemon balm - This herb has a sweet citrus flavor and makes a great addition to any tea blend.
Lavender - Lavender is known for its calming effects, which make it perfect for evening or bedtime teas.
Rosemary - Rosemary has a strong piney smell, so it's best used in savory teas or mixed with other herbs like peppermint.

How to Grow Mint & Lemon Balm – The Easiest Herbs for Beginners

Mint and lemon balm are two of the most popular herbs that beginners should start with. They are easy to grow, can be used in many DIY projects, and have a variety of benefits.

Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow. It is also one of the most versatile herbs out there. You can use it in salads, desserts, drinks, or even as a garnish for your food!

Lemon balm tea is a great way to get some extra energy during the day or relax at night before bedtime. It also has many other benefits such as reducing stress levels and improving sleep quality!

How to Grow Yarrow & Borage – Two Perennial Flowering Plants

Yarrow and borage are both perennial flowering plants that can grow in the harshest of environments. They are both easy to grow, but they have different needs.

Borage flowers are edible and have a mild cucumber flavor. They also help with poor digestion, anxiety, and depression. Yarrow flowers are used for their medicinal properties as well as their beautiful appearance.

Always consult a medical professional, pharmacist, or herbalist when adding medicinal herbs to your routine. Take extra caution during pregnancy.

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