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3 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Fall

With the arrival of autumn, you should prepare your gardens against cold weather and do the necessary maintenance. In addition to planting vegetables for the winter period, the next spring period will be much more efficient and easier with proper planning and preparation in the fall.

3 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Fall

You can make your gardens ready for autumn by trying the three ways we recommend for these preparations.

  1. Care for Plant Roots: Since autumn is a rain-rich season, the soil gets the moisture it needs. This means you can plant in the fall months. Since the soil has not cooled down completely in this season, the plants have enough time to take root and get stronger before winter comes. Autumn is a unique opportunity to get your gardens ready for winter by planting perennials, winter vegetables and durable colorful flowers.

  2. Clear Weeds: Before starting the planting process, you should definitely clean the weeds in your garden. Weeds will damage the roots of the vegetables and plants you will grow. This causes you to experience problems such as not getting products or not developing enough vegetables. Do not use the weeds you cleared in fertilizer or soil. However, you can save the tree leaves that fall in your garden to prepare compost.

  3. Aerate and Mulch the Soil: Soil that has been treated too much now loses its fertility and cannot provide you with the appropriate environment for growing plants. Therefore, before planting in the fall, you should definitely aerate your soil. It means that the soil that has been cleared of weeds and aerated is ready for planting in terms of yield. You can also enrich the content by using fertilizers to supplement the soil. You can protect your soils in the open air by covering them with mulch.

Mulching the Soil

Now you can start planting vegetables and flowers suitable for autumn in accordance with their care.

What is Equinox?

Equinox, which means equal day and night, occurs twice a year. The equinoxes on March 21 and September 23 affect the southern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere differently in terms of temperature. From the equinox on September 23, the sun's rays begin to fall at a right angle to the southern hemisphere. This means that the days are getting longer and spring is coming. In the northern hemisphere, the opposite happens. As the nights get longer, this date is accepted as the beginning of autumn.

What Autumn Brings Us

Don't let the autumn, the harbinger of cold and rainy days, make you feel pessimistic. With the leaves suddenly turning yellow, nature welcomes us with a different face this season. The autumn turn, which represents new beginnings and productivity, is the best time to prepare yourself and your domestic plants for the new year.

Gardening Tasks You Can Do During Autumn

Autumn is a very suitable season for you to rest and clean your garden. In order to prepare the suitable environment for the vegetables or plants you prefer and their planting processes, you should first clean and prepare your soil. In this season, the soil will have the necessary moisture as it receives sufficient rainfall. This is an unmissable opportunity for sowing.

Garden works to be done in the autumn turn;

  • Sowing and planting

  • Garden cleaning, weed removal

  • Trimming perennial shrubs and plants

  • Grass planting, renovation

  • Mulching

Plants and Vegetables You Can Grow During Fall

We immediately think that fall means the end of harvest and end of gardening for that year. But you can also grow vegetables and produce crops in the fall. For this, it is sufficient to choose the right vegetables and plants and apply the necessary care. Especially many green vegetables, which are rich in vitamins, are grown in this season. It is enough to provide suitable conditions to grow very healthy vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

Check out 6 healthy vegetables you can grow in the fall and 5 different flowers you should plant in the fall.

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