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Miraculous Benefits of Thyme You Should Know About

Thyme plant has very rich content in terms of copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. It also contains vitamins A, B, C and K. Thyme, with its antibacterial properties, has many miraculous benefits. You can witness the miraculous effects of using thyme not only in meals, but also on your skin and health. Benefits of thyme are limitless, especially for the digestive and respiratory system, while this herb is also highly preferred for skin beauty.

Miraculous Benefits of Thyme You Should Know About

Skin Benefits

Skin cleanse is very important for skin beauty. Our pores, which are constantly exposed to dirty gasses during the day, become clogged and therefore the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Thyme acts as an excellent tonic for cleaning the skin and opening the pores. At the same time, thyme has a great effect on cleaning the pathogenic bacteria on our skin, due to its antibacterial properties. You can make your own tonic at home using thyme juice. Here is a list of benefits of thyme for your skin;

  1. Especially thyme oil is very good for skin diseases. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it fights cancer cells. As a result of studies on this subject, the effects of thyme oil on cancer (e.g. breast, skin) have been positive.

  2. People who have skin problems and cannot get rid of acne can also use thyme oil, which is an enemy of acne. When thyme penetrates the pimple, it dries it instantly and helps the acne fade.

  3. In addition, thyme is a natural treatment method preferred for wrinkles. With this rejuvenation feature, which is among the benefits of thyme tea, and with regular consumption of thyme tea, you can say goodbye to wrinkles by meeting the vitamins A, B, C and K that your skin needs.

  4. Thyme is also recommended for fungal diseases. It has been found to visibly reduce fungal growth.

  5. You can easily use thyme for problems such as hair loss, itching and dandruff. Wash your hair with thyme juice, and see the dandruff reduce after a few uses.

Do not forget to consult your dermatologist regarding your skin type before using thyme oil.

Respiratory and Digestive Benefits

Thyme, which takes its place on the tables with its smell and adds different flavors to the dishes; also creates miracles in terms of health, especially in respiration and digestion. Especially during winter months, when you have the flu, you can instantly cut the sore throat and cough by consuming a glass of thyme tea. The benefits of thyme on the respiratory and digestive system are as follows;

  1. Thyme tea is generally recommended for digestive system disorders. It helps the digestive system to work faster and acts as a purifier.

  2. Prevents urinary tract infections.

  3. Helps to remove harmful bacteria and also helps to preserve beneficial bacteria.

  4. Thyme tea, which is very good for coughing, is also recommended for bronchitis patients.

Three Natural Ways to Use Thyme

Most preferred method for thyme consumption is tea. Thyme tea is a method that shows its benefits faster with its easy consumption and direct absorption. You can spend the whole day in a more energetic way by consuming a glass of thyme tea early in the morning. People who have difficulty in consuming tea can add thyme to their meals. In addition, you can use thyme oil for your skin wounds. Benefits of thyme oil vary according to use, it will be as effective as tea. Thyme has a miraculous content that will be beneficial to you in all forms of use.

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